Tips & infoComment préparer son premier trail : conseils et astuces

Comment préparer son premier trail : conseils et astuces

Le trail est une activité physique exigeante qui nécessite une préparation physique et mentale adéquate. Si vous êtes débutant en trail et que vous souhaitez vous lancer dans cette aventure, voici ...

Tips & info10 raisons de pratiquer le running

10 reasons to practice running regularly

10 reasons to practice running regularly

Tips & infotrail montagne

Managing your carbohydrate intake while trail running

It is well known that carbohydrate is THE nutrient for athletes, the more I take, the more energy I will have! Nope ? Well, like everything in nutrition, it depends on the context! We cover it all ...

Tips & infoHydratation course

Hydration tips for trail running

1% dehydration = 10% loss of performance. And yes it's no joke. You already know that drinking is important. And on a big outing or competition at over 25°C, you very quickly lose 1 to 1.5 liters o...

Tips & infoTuyau Camelbak Gelé

Frozen Camelbak Pipe: Tips and Tricks

This winter, you will take part in magnificent white trails, and you are right! Only problem: the temperature will fall below zero and at this level, the tip of your Camelback which is in the open ...

Tips & infoConseils Sainte Lyon

4 tips to run SaintéLyon

The SaintéLyon has the gift of surprising us year after year. Here are 4 tips for success.

Tips & infoRunning desert outdoor

Fasted training

Used for centuries to improve sports performance, training on an empty stomach or also called "carb-loading" can be suitable for all endurance sports sessions.

Technologies & materialsMatières et fibres biosourcées - Huile de ricin - EVO Yarn

Biobased materials and fibers

Bio-based fibers are bioplastics. They are made with vegetals (castor oil, wheat, corn, potato etc.). They can even present sports performance superior to synthetic fibers.

Technologies & materialsPackaging Biodegradable dans l'eau

New Verjari packaging biodegradable in hot water

The new Verjari packaging is biodegradable in hot water. Upon receipt of the product, simply put the packaging in boiling water to make it disappear. It helps to limit plastic pollution in the envi...

Technologies & materialsUne performance textile unique : la fibre Polycolon® Schoeller® flotte sur l'eau

A unique textile performance : the Polycolon® Schoeller® fiber floats on water

Polycolon® is a high performance technical textile fiber developed by Schoeller® in Switzerland. This fiber is used for the Airpocket Verjari underlay. It is one of the lightest functional fibers i...

Technologies & materialsTechnologie S.Café®  P4DRY - À base de café

S.Café® P4DRY Technology - From Coffee grounds

S.Café® P4DRY technology is a textile printing technology made from recycled coffee grounds. It is used for the S-Café P4DRY Verjari jacket. This technology has won several innovation awards around...

Technologies & materialsMatières et fibres naturelles

Natural materials and fibers

The main natural fibers are cotton, linen, silk, wool. We can also cite hemp or cashmere. They are therefore of plant (like cotton) or animal (like wool) origin.