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S.Café® P4DRY Technology - From Coffee grounds

Technologie S.Café®  P4DRY - À base de café

S.Café® P4DRY technology is a textile printing technology made from recycled coffee grounds. It is used for the S.Café® P4DRY Verjari waterproof jacket. This technology has won several innovation awards around the world, including the Outdoor Trade Fair in Germany. The advantages of this coffee-based technology on the inner layer of clothing are manifold.

Ultra fast drying of skin and fabric

This technology allows ultra-fast drying to the touch. This means that the skin stays dry much longer during exercise. As moisture moves from skin to fabric, P4DRY™ technology transfers moisture very quickly to the other side of the fabric. This gives a double advantage, both the skin and the tissue remain dry. This technology reduces drying time by 200% compared to traditional polyesters.

Odor control

P4DRY technology, thanks to its particles in P4DRY coffee grounds, absorbs odorous molecules. The fabric does not emit bad odors.


P4DRY technology based on coffee grounds is innovative by its technical characteristics but also by the fact that it uses non-fossil and more sustainable resources (coffee grounds). It is therefore perfectly in line with Verjari's objective: to move towards more performance and durability.

Reduces the condensation rate

P4DRY technology also helps reduce the rate of moisture condensation.


P4DRY technology fits perfectly into the Verjari environment and our desire to move towards more innovative and eco-responsible materials to allow athletes to explore further.

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