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New Verjari packaging biodegradable in hot water

Packaging Biodegradable dans l'eau

The new Biosphere Verjari packaging is biodegradable in hot water. Upon receipt of the product, simply put the packaging in boiling water to make it disappear. It helps to limit plastic pollution in the environment.

The packaging itself is not made of plastic. It is made of an innovative polymer resin which allows the packaging several functions:

Safe for the oceans

The Biosphere packaging is safe for the oceans and for marine life. Highly hydrophilic, it does not attract toxins or form microplastics.


Biosphere packaging is, by its nature, biodegradable. This is because microorganisms break down the polymer under various conditions.

Which products are concerned ?

Some products from the new collections from September 2021 will be delivered in this packaging. This packaging will gradually be extended to all our products.

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