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Frozen Camelbak Pipe: Tips and Tricks

Tuyau Camelbak Gelé

This winter, you will take part in magnificent white trails, and you are right!

Only problem: the temperature will fall below zero and at this level, the tip of your Camelback which is in the open air will freeze. This will have the effect of blocking the inlet of liquid water.

So I've put together some tips and tricks for you to limit or even eliminate this problem and manage your hydration properly.

Insulate the pipe

Here I offer you several tips and "DIY system" to insulate your pipe. This way you can delay the onset of freezing without too much effort during the race. Only drawback, in very cold weather and on long runs, the tip can still end up freezing.

Isolate with:

Your clothes: put the hose inside your jacket and thus benefit from the heat of your body.
A black foam insulating sleeve system to be found in the plumbing or aquarium department. To be opened on the length then to store to be sure that it stays in place.
A survival blanket rolled up and taped to the pipe.

Have breath

The most effective technique for my taste, I tested and verified it on several trails and long outings in winter.

All you need to do after each use of your Camelback for drinking is to blow into the pipe. This will have the effect of expelling the water and thus preventing the gel from forming.

Only drawback: it can be tricky on short and/or very committed races, where each breath is at the service of performance.

Heat up the pipe

Here I offer you a curative solution. You forgot to apply one of the solutions above or it did not work. The case is not lost.

Take the mouthpiece and squeeze it in your hands for a few minutes. You will heat it up and melt the gel, if that doesn't work don't hesitate to chew the tip (without breaking it) to break the ice.

Another simpler technique but which requires being on a supply station: hot. In the majority of winter trails, hot is offered in the form of tea, soup, pasta, etc.

Then dip the tip inside to thaw it quickly.

Change liquid

Several people testify that a change in the composition of the liquid (more salty, with a slight drop of alcohol or gas) can prevent or slow down the appearance of the gel.

I do not recommend this method. The main goal of Camelback is to hydrate you with what suits you. Changing its nature is not a good idea.

Well, I hope these tips will help you, and allow you to practice trail running in winter in better conditions. Do not hesitate to give me feedback on your experiences in the comments.

Have a good race

Romain Tami

Written by Romain Tami (@Run_connect)

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