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Sports equipment : The 3-layer system

Le système 3 couches

The 3-layer system is an optimal clothing technique used by all athletes. This technique allows you to wick away perspiration, resist the cold and protect you from the rain and wind.


The breathable 1st layer

The 1st layer is usually a long-sleeved, tight-fitting t-shirt. The t-shirt must be technical and more specifically breathable. The purpose of this layer is to allow the sweat to be transferred to the next layer, so the sweat does not stay in contact with the skin.

The goal is to keep your body as dry as possible. For this reason, avoid cotton which wicks away perspiration very badly.

The insulating 2nd layer

The 2nd layer aims to insulate you from the cold outside and trap body heat. It also has the function of continuing to ventilate the perspiration received from the first layer to the 3rd layer.

As air is an excellent insulator, a light technical fleece type garment is generally ideal or a very light down jacket (for hiking / trekking). For this layer, pay attention to the breathable and quick-drying properties.

If you are too hot during the effort, this is the layer that should be removed first.

The protective 3rd layer

The 3rd layer aims to protect you from wind and rain. It can be a lightweight waterproof breathable windbreaker. We recommend waterproof and breathable technical clothing with a membrane.

Adapt yourself

This 3-layer system is an ideal system that must be understood in order to then be able to adapt it to your situation. In some cases, it will rain without being very cold, and it will be useful to remove the 2nd layer. In some cases, it will be a very cold but very nice weather, it will be appropriate to remove the 3rd layer etc.

We must keep in mind the mechanics of the 3 layers which is the evacuation of perspiration towards the outer layers, the insulation to keep the heat with the intermediate layers and the protection from the outside with the 3rd layer . The order of the layers is therefore essential and must therefore be respected.

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