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A unique textile performance : the Polycolon® Schoeller® fiber floats on water

Une performance textile unique : la fibre Polycolon® Schoeller® flotte sur l'eau

Polycolon® is a high performance technical textile fiber developed by Schoeller® in Switzerland. This fiber is used for the Airpocket Verjari underlayer. It is one of the lightest functional fibers in the world.

Polycolon® has immense technical properties, in particular its moisture management.

Moisture Management

Polycolon has one of the lowest surface tensions of all synthetic functional fibers. This means that it does not retain moisture at all and therefore remains absolutely dry.

At the same time, the Polycolon wicks moisture to the outside. The material does not stick to the skin. So even in high humidity conditions during exercise, Polycolon ensures absolutely optimal comfort by wicking away moisture, remaining dry, and therefore keeping the skin dry at the same time.


Polycolon is resistant to potentially very high temperatures. Washing at 95°C does not affect the structure and functions of the fiber.

Ultra light

Polycolon is one of the lightest functional fibers in the world. It is 40% lighter than cotton and 35% lighter than polyester. Polycolon® floats on water.

European Fiber

The Polycolon is developed by the Schoeller group in Europe. The criteria of eco-responsibility, sustainability and social standards are applied to its production and supply.

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