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Outdoor equipment: a reminder of the essentials

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The call of the sea pushes all sports enthusiasts who love the great outdoors. To fully enjoy outdoor sports sessions, suitable equipment is necessary. What are the essential clothes and accessories ? 

Outdoor equipment

What better way than to explore the great outdoors and discover new trails to meet your athletic needs? Outdoor sport is paradise for all those who want to satisfy their desire for exploration. In the mountains, in the countryside, in the forest or by the sea, there is something for everyone, regardless of the sport you want to practice. And for everything to come together perfectly during an outdoor session, it is important to be up to date on the necessary and essential equipment.

Naturally, the equipment necessary for the good practice of your sport will differ greatly depending on your activity. You are free to practice trail running with a wetsuit, but we do not guarantee comfort or optimal performance.

You will understand that suitable clothing will be essential during your next outings. The factors to be identified are often the same. Breathing, ventilation and humidity management should always be taken into account, regardless of the period and activity performed. However, depending on the temperature and weather observed, other factors could come into play and differ. Clothing that retains body heat will be pleasant during winter hikes or ski sessions (see the 3-layer system), when a breathable textile will be essential when running in full sun or cycling in summer. The composition of the layers of your clothes will therefore be taken into account.

Whether it's cold or hot, your extremities need to be protected. Quality socks for all occasions will protect your feet, even more when they are innovative (see Verjari waterproof socks in case of rain). Your head is also fragile, which is why a cap when the sun is shining or a hat when it is less hot are to be included in your equipment (logical).

The equipment may seem obvious depending on the sport that will punctuate your next session. But there are some aspects that are likely to be forgotten sometimes. In the event of a perilous hike, wearing a helmet between the rock faces is a non-negligible safety, for example. Just like slipping a few snacks and food in your belt or trail running bag. So many objects that may seem obvious, that everyone can forget. So before you leave for your next workout, make sure you pack everything you might need.

Regarding shoes for running, hiking or trail running, many brands offer different models that can suit everyone. Before making a choice, it is crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of certain pairs of shoes (Which trail shoe to choose?).

Finally, accessories are misnamed when they concern, for example, training watches. If some people legitimately prefer to stay with the most classic of stopwatches or quite simply not to wear one, it must be admitted that the watches concerned are real jewels of technology, extremely practical for perfecting their training or obtaining help during their activities. Forget about phone makers' watches, gadgets in the truest sense of the word. Unlike those of companies specializing in sports which are designed for athletes in search of exploration and innovation. The activities that can be recorded and managed from these devices can be counted in ten. The provision of a GPS while trekking can be of great help, as can the precise information transmitted while running, cycling or swimming. Whether or not everyone is free to equip themselves with such models, it is obvious that their contribution can be fundamental for an athlete wishing to improve his performance.

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