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Transform old clothes into 100% recycled yarn in France

Transformer les vieux vêtements en fil 100 % recyclé en France

There are extremely ecological processes in France that allow the production of French recycled yarn. We have used this process for the eco-responsible ECO-TREK beanies.

Recovery of used clothing

After recovering garment scraps and used textiles from knitters in France and Europe, our French partner La Filature du Parc performs a classification by shade of color.

The fabrics are wet and shredded to reform fibers, the spinning mill collects the old clothes from the collectors. The park's spinning mill is GRS (global recycle standard) certified, an international standard that ensures the traceability of recycled raw materials and controls the social, environmental and chemical production practices.

Transform used clothing into 100% recycled yarn

Using machines and a new pre-stripping and defibration process, the spinning mill transforms the mesh into fibers at 95% of its original length.
With this new system registered with the INPI and the GRS certification, the transformed fiber is neither crushed nor frayed (this allows to preserve the long fiber) guaranteeing a quality yarn or even better than the new one both in terms of resistance. to breakage, abrasion, pilling and abrasion resistance.

Advantages of the process

  • Already colored recycled yarns are neither bleached nor dyed and do not undergo any chemical treatment.
  • Recycled yarns have an average 98% less impact on the environment
  • French production and reduction of logistics impact
  • The 100% recycled fibers are of the same quality as a new fiber.

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