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Specialized Trek socks: advantages?

Passage dans l'eau en running

In high performance sport, we tend to talk about marginal gains. For the average person, the simple change of clothing or equipment can bring comfort and performance. Without trying to climb the summits, comfort is never negligible.

Trek socks

When hiking, trekking, playing football, tennis or cycling, the days of 100% cotton socks are over. Regardless of the sport practiced, therefore, comfort and the search for performance have long taken precedence over this type of socks that everyone has known on their feet.

The desire of some athletes to always push the limits, to rebel against certain received ideas undoubtedly pushes for innovation. This is how mentalities change and certain new data or products become the basis of all sports equipment. These small revolutions in the world of textiles and sport have not been exempted by any part of the body for many years. From main clothes to accessories, nothing is left out.

This is how socks also become essential in comfort, for example during a long hike or a trek. While performance is not systematically sought after by lovers of wide open spaces indulging in long hours of walking, comfort is essential.

The disadvantages of a classic sports sock are easily enumerated. When hiking, it is almost impossible to fit one between these extra wide mesh socks and the feet within the shoe. These meshes prevent optimal movement in the shoe and tend to block certain compression points of the foot in places where they should not be oppressed.

The feet also tend not to wick perspiration through the pores of the skin. Very quickly, moisture can therefore accumulate and be the fear of any walker or runner: blisters. Once they appear, it is too late to treat them optimally.

Regarding humidity, there is no need to describe the general condition of the socks and feet when it rains or when the path crossed has many water courses (see the models of Verjari waterproof socks for the trek).

Quickly and for all these drawbacks mentioned, the practice of sport can therefore become an ordeal because of recurrent discomfort. This is all the more annoying when the walk is practiced over several hours or even days. The solution is therefore to favor socks designed and designed for this type of activity.

Thanks to precise manufacturing technologies and high quality membranes (see Verjari waterproof technology), the trek socks take you anywhere, for as long as you want and always with the same comfort, from the first to the last hour of market. With such developments, perhaps future generations will not even experience the pleasure of taking off shoes and socks after long hours of walking in the mountains.

Trek socks sometimes fitted with merino wool also have the ability to keep your feet warm. It is not uncommon to get cold at the extremities when trekking in low season. If it could also be due to a problem with the blood circulation, it is also a fear that is gone with such socks. The seams do not exist and prevent the blood from blocking. So you can say goodbye to friction and other irritations.

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