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Waterproof socks : what you need to know

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Our waterproof socks are a revolution. Designed around a waterproof and breathable membrane, they keep your feet dry during your activity. Unmatched comfort compared to traditional socks. A considerable step towards greater comfort and greater sporting performance.


Main characteristic, the waterproofing is ensured by the waterproof and breathable membrane inserted in the middle of the 2 layers of fabrics. We offer several types of socks (different thicknesses and compositions) depending on your activity. Whichever pair you choose, it will keep your feet dry during your activity.


The waterproof membrane we use in our products also allows breathability. How? Thanks to the micropores of the membrane which allow perspiration to escape from the inside to the outside of the sock. These micropores are too small to allow outside water to penetrate, but large enough to allow perspiration to escape (water vapor). More info here.


Our waterproof socks are designed without seams to avoid small frictions and blisters which can become big problems over long distances. The socks are thus durable and provide good support.


Our socks are designed with different materials depending on the model you choose. The internal composition can be bamboo fibers, coolmax, merino wool.


The uses are very wide and the models adapted: Trail, Running, MTB, Road cycling, Trek, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting ... We produce models adapted to each situation (composition, height, thickness).


The sizes available range from EUR 36 to 49.


chaussette impermeable

In general, avoid the heat so as not to damage the internal membrane. No dryer or drying on a radiator for example. Washing at 30 ° C recommended.


Reviews on are 100% verified. We invite you to continue your visit on the different products in order to consult customer feedback on each model.

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