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V-light Phosphorescent Running Jacket

Verjari firefly phosphorescent jacket

Glow in the dark

The Verjari "Firefly" jacket uses our new V-LIGHT phosphorescent technology.

The "Firefly" phosphorescent jacket lets you glow in complete darkness like Kryptonite.

Unlike simple "reflective" technology, the phosphorescence in this jacket continues to glow AFTER having been illuminated (by any source of light).

This jacket reacts to any light source: the sun, the light of a phone, a headlamp, car headlights, a flashlight, a camping lamp etc...

The V-LIGHT textile is highly light reactive. It "charges" like a solar charger and continues to emit that energy.

This process is inspired by fireflies that emit light when night comes. This V-LIGHT jacket reproduces the same bioluminescence.

The longer the textile is under a light source, the longer it will glow. This also depends on the intensity of the light source.

At most, the textile can glow for 1 hour when charged at 100%. The luminosity will decrease until the end of the charge. You can recharge it quickly with any light source you can find.

This technology poses no health risk.

Reflective features

This "Firefly" jacket also offers a full range of reflective features, responding to all types of illuminated environments.

We have incorporated "Neon" reflective strips on the jacket. Depending on the angle and/or the level of brightness, the reflections on the jacket will change.

The ultimate goal of this jacket is to make you visible in all environments, whether in complete darkness (phosphorescence) or a run at night in the city with many light sources (slight phosphorescence and reflective "neon" reflections).

Other feature

The "Firefly" jacket has all the features of a sports jacket:

The Verjari "Firefly" jacket is waterproof (5,000 mm) and breathable (3,000 MVP) (JIS standard). The jacket is also windproof.

It is fully packable.

This jacket has waterproof & reflective zippers.

This jacket is adjustable, has thumb holes and sealed seams.

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