SainteLyon 2018

Thank you all for your visit to our Verjari stand (before the SainteLyon race) this weekend in Lyon. It was a great pleasure and a great success!

We found that many athletes were not yet familiar with Verjari waterproof products (or were skeptical). It was an opportunity to discuss with everyone and to do real waterproof tests with our water tests.
Some runners even took the risk to run directly with our socks for the 80km race. Respect. It must be said that it was raining practically the whole race.
The first feedback on this extremely rude journey for the runners is excellent: At the end of 10-about hours of effort in the rain and the mud - only slight sensation of humidity because of perspiration for 10 hours - no particular sensation of friction - no unpleasant thermal sensation.
An ultra positive feedback knowing that the runners wearing traditional socks generally had to change pairs several times because the conditions were rainy.


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